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The next chapter

I thought it was time to put a little something on here as so much has happened over the past 6 months or so.  I am now a very proud grandparent to a very lovely granddaughter. There is however still ongoing issues in my personal life but hey such as life.  The only difference now is I can deal with almost most of it in a more laid back not so troubled way, life is way too short to get steamed up about matters out of my control…..what will be …will be and if it was not meant to be then so be it! And so the next chapter begins!


The anguish and worry that comes with umcertainty.  Something left unsaid leaves the thoughts of what, who, where, when and why?  Trying hard to not convey about the feelings that are really being felt in case the truth and reality is more or less is a first suspected.  Deception especially to yourself is hard, cruel and unkind and twists the concept of the mind. The only outcome will be torture and pain just like blunt knives hacking away at the exposed flesh creating weaping wounds that never heal. When will this all end? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Oh What a life!

So many twist and turns, Ups and downs, going round never knowing whats around the next corner!  Somewhere out there hope is on the horizon ….. it seems so far away in the distance. A thought, a wish come what may tomorrow is yet another day! Beyond these walls behind closed doors climbing up steep hills the curtain of truth opens destiny prevails!  Don’t give up just yet the voice screams perseverance and patients will eventually see you through so hold on tight! As rough as it may seem at the time the results will be worth it all in the end.  Trust your instincts as they are rarely wrong.  THIS TIME WILL PASS. You know who you are and I hope you understand this message. 

Update…. the story continues

A lot has happened over the past 6 months.  I have been pre-occupied with home and family issues most are still ongoing.  Life goes on regardless!  I have also had a very busy social life with partys and such like! This year so far I have been to 2 hen nights, 2 weddings, 2 18ths birthdays, an 80th birtday, seen a local amiture show, a 50th birthday, a 60th birthday, a Bon Jovi concert, been on 2 holidays, visited castles, travelled the countryside and so on!  Going to another Wedding on 13th September my best friend is gettting married for the second time!  I have a new man in my life, in fact I met him at one of the partys above!  Just taking one day at a time.  I am having a birthday party myself next week. Its a fancy dress masquerade ball. I am planning to be the belle of the ball or even be cinderella and have a prince charming by my side! Will update another time when i find some time to do so!

Celebrities Without Makeup

IMaria Shriver

Jennifer Hudson

Alicia Silverstone

America Farrera

Anna Kournikova

Avril Lavigne

Barbara Streisand

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Shields

Calista Flockhart

Charlize Theron


Christina Applegate

Christina Ricci

Courtney Cox

Courtney Love

Drew Barrymore


Gisele Bundchen

Halle Berry

Heidi Klum

Helen Hunt

Hilary Duff

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel

Jessica Simpson

Julia Roberts

Juliette Lewis

Kate Hudson

Kate Winslet

Katherine Heigl

Katherine McPhee

Kathy Griffin

Katie Couric

Katie Holmes

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Ripa

Kim Catrall

Kirsten Dunst

Kirstie Alley


Melanie Griffith

Nicole Ritchie

Nicolette Sheridan


Pam Anderson

Penelope Cruz


Rachel Hunter

Renee Zellweger

Rosanna Arquette

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Stone

Tori Spelling

Uma Thurman

Victoria Beckham


The past 6 months have been a rollercoaster of events and emotions……… At one point I thought I was going to lose my house, my kids and my job. So much was happening in a very short period of time, all the things that mattered the most were concentrated and very intense to breaking point! Not only that but having to cope day to day making important decisions alone with no back up or safety net learning to face the consequences of my own actions. Whatever choices I made affected not just myself but my imediate family. However it is far from over there is still a long way to go before lots of loose ends can be tied up but life is like that and I intend to enjoy riding the rollercoaster of life holding on tight to the highs and freefalling with the lows.


This is just an example of a photoshop image to show illusion at its best and seeing is not always believing!

More images like this and many others can be found on WORTH1000.COM




Went to a wedding party reception on Saturday 2nd Feb, had a great time,kissed and hugged the groom! Photos are yet to follow. I did what I usually do, danced all night long and got the nik name of "Everyready" and "duracell" as i was dancing and dancing non stop from 8pm till 11.30pm! What can I say I just love to dance and once the music plays…… I am in a world of my own! Got home just before midnight still buzzing! Ready for the next party next week! "Dont stop the music"

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